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In my work as in life, I look not only at what is naturally perceived, but also for the hidden relationships within the cacophony of experience. My concepts and ideas are generated by these interactions, both attractions and repulsions. Sometimes, my creativity navigates between playful thinking, humor, remembrance, or gratitude. At other times it flows from social and political discomfort, disenchantment, or militant passion about current events. The results work themselves out towards some kind of hybrid response, an artistic resolution.


I follow conscious and unconscious paths until the journey seems to be complete or ceases to demand my attention. I pursue the intrinsically organic development of each work and let the sensory documentation left by a given process on a surface define, lead, or modify the outcome.


The resulting artwork, if successful, functions as a plane/object/space were a seamless merging of the mental/emotional intent, the physical process and craft converge. It is a glimpse of true humanity; a fragile truce from the other side of the glass.


I believe the artist’s function in society is to act as an agent of change and renewal, revealing the unseen and making uncommon the common. Art proposes new ways of activating what is stagnant and helps us perceive anew the mundane and unearth the timeless.


Art for me has a transformative power, a delicate volatility that triggers our craving for a deeper perceptual level. I find art making an endless mystery, a choice and a calling.


Rafael Perea de la Cabada


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photo: Camille Dupuis