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Rafael Perea de la Cabada is an artist who lives very much in the moment; his artistic productions chronicle his response to life. Creating art is his calling.
His family background is Mexican with a heritage that includes pre-Hispanic Indian, Italian, and Spanish ancestors. A legacy from his ancient pre-Hispanic roots is his ability to create powerful gestural symbols. From his Italian heritage, he makes connections to the profound historical influences that permeate Western civilization. From his Spanish heritage emanates profound emotions, which are revealed in his dramatic flair as well as his expressions of anguish and sorrow. What unites these influences is his sense of playfulness. He is drawn to childlike inquisitiveness and instinctively seeks the humor in life.
Perea de la Cabada calls himself a visual poet – and there are rich offshoots of poets in his family tree. His own poetry is constructed from all the bits and pieces of his immediate world. His art making merges his perceptions into visual content, layered with meaning and significance. Perea de la Cabada trusts what he calls “intelligent intuition.” It is that unwavering conviction that gives rise to a spiritual intensity in his works. He is free to see, explore, and filter life’s experiences into a universal language through his art.
The exhibition title, Alien Heartland, is a reference to Perea de la Cabada’s relationship with his adopted nation – the United States. “Alien” is not only a migratory term but a description of our human condition. It serves as a reminder of a transitory state in a spiritual journey. “Heartland” refers to the place and placement of our deepest affections. When he moved from his native Mexico to the United States, a country for which he has developed a strong affection, Perea de la Cabada strengthened and enriched his perspective by blending the different cultures. He likes to call this “hybrid” point of view his own unique “accent.” According to Perea de la Cabada, anyone who changes locations becomes an agent for change, tasked with generating newness and fostering understanding.
Perea de la Cabada’s work is mysterious, nuanced, meditative, and complex, but those viewers who invest the time in his art will not be disappointed.

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